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High Country Vigour builds resilient strength through consistent training.

Our clients include high school athletes.

Head coach Sanjiv Gupta has a background in Cross Country, Track & Field, Bicycling Swimming and Triathlon.  He has enjoyed adventure sports including Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Scuba Diving and Canyoneering.  He has competed in CrossFit, Powerlifting, Grip Sports, Highland Games and All-Round Weightlifting.

High Country Vigour (HCV) will strive to take best practices from historic and modern organizations and disciplines including showmen, athletic associations and militaries.  

HCV will implement those best practices through hosting competitions, training and educational events in order to build a community.

Inclusion is important and will always be guaranteed by effort, ethics and merit.  Participation will not be barred for any class of persons.  Whether training alone or with a group, a shared sense of purpose is a guiding principle to stave off physical deterioration and subclinical depression.


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WOD 2023.12.20 Row-KBS-Ring Rows

Conditioning 5 Round for Time: 250m row 12 KBS (12#) 8 Ring Rows -- Nisha Time = 14:11

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