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Colorado Spring Fling

Colorado Spring Fling was a rousing success.  We contested the Clean & Press and the Deadlift, 12" Base at our facility in Lakewood, Colorado.  The event was sanctioned by the USAWA and we had (4) in person entries and (4) remote entries.

Nisha won the Junior Women with a total of 100 pounds (Age Adjusted Lynch = 219.7 points)
Phoenix won the Junior Men with a total of 96 pounds (Age Adjusted Lynch = 296.6 points)
RJ won the Open Women with a total of 237 pounds (Age Adjusted Lynch = 407.6 points)
David won the Open Men with a total of 475 pounds (Age Adjusted Lynch = 556.1 points)

Full results are on the USAWA website.

We also had a great records session with (39) records set by (9) in person and remote lifters.

High Country Vigour is fully underway with four members:
Sanjiv Gupta
Nisha Gupta
Jarod Fobes
Nic Davis-Diaz


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